Berlin is a reference around the whole continent in terms of culture, so it has become the favorite destination for an increasing number of young Europeans. Consequently, and considering the mix of young people, diversity, and tolerance, the city has one of the liveliest night lives you can find and some of the best Gay Clubs in Berlin. Not in vain, Berlin is (deservedly) known as one of the house music capitals, a place where every clubber should go to at least once in their lives.

On the other hand, keep in mind that Berlin is also one of the gay capitals of the moment, so it is quite logical that the gay clubs in Berlin are always busy and plenty of a varied crowd of Europeans who love having fun. These are our top 5 gay clubs in Berlin:


One of the most emblematic gay clubs in Berlin, which still has quite a good reputation, is Schwuz. It has been opened for more than 30 years and during all this time it has been a reference and a meeting point for the gay community. Schwuz is not only party time. This nightclub also organizes talks about homosexuality, transvestites’ shows, music festivals and even sex parties!

One of its secrets to remain as the reference of the gay nightlife in Berlin might be its ability to adapt to new times. In fact, it has recently moved to Neukolin, a neighborhood that no one would have said it could host any gay venue a few years ago, known as the little Istambul. It has three different music areas, pop, house, and dance, and it is still one of the most popular clubs in the city. It is probably the most popular gay nightclub among tourists.



Connection Club it is not only considered a temple for techno/house lovers, but also the most popular one if you like dancing and sex cruising. It has a large area called “Twilight Zone”, where gay sex cruising is allowed. It is especially busy after midnight. Located in Schoneberg, the first gay neighborhood in Berlin, Connection club has been totally refurbished a few years ago and is the perfect place where to continue the party after visiting some of the bars in the area.



It was the first gay club in Berlin and it is still nowadays one of the busiest ones. Despite Berlin´s reputation of being a temple of house and dance music, in Busche you can listen to the most mainstream hits of the moment, so for those looking to dance while Beyonce´s singles sound loud, it is the ideal venue in Berlin. It could explain why it is so popular among youngsters, who are a huge part of its clientele. Busche is a gay nightclub you should go to if you love the young vibe.



An old Power Station hosts this gay club in London. It is internationally recognized as one of the best clubs in Europe. The building is stunningly huge and the sound is simply unbeatable. Berghain is one of the trendiest hotspots around the German capital, a real temple of Tecno music. It is divided into two different spaces. On one side, we find Panorama, which is more popular among the straight public. On the other side, Berghain, which is very popular among the gay community and it is the place where to listen to the best DJs.



If you would like to find out which one is the trendiest gay club in Berlin, then you will need to make an effort and party on Sunday night. GMF really worth it. It is on the highest floor of a skyscraper, so the views are astonishing, and it presumes to be the coolest gay party in Berlin. transvestites, hipsters, hunky hot guys (gay porn stars included) and even celebrities visit GMF quite often to enjoy the best pop and house hits.