While travelling solo might seem a little daunting, the world is a much friendlier and more hospitable place than the headlines would have you believe. Gay solo travel has numerable benefits, from discovering something about yourself to going to that club your friends refuse to visit!

1. Be the enigmatic solo traveller

Gay solo travel permits you to be that enigmatic character, sat alone in a cafe, looking calm, cool and collected – even if, in reality, you are nursing a biblical hangover wishing you were in bed. There is something utterly liberating about travelling alone and you increase your chances of meeting new people.

2. Make your own schedule

There’s nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed with a hangover when all you want to do is sleep off last night’s mojitos. Gay solo travel lets you curate your own itinerary and utilise your time as best fits your preferences.

3. Save money

Finding that slim window when you and your friend or partner can travel together always seems to be when the flights to your chosen destination seem to be at their priciest. If you only have to work around your own schedule then you can normally source a much cheaper deal and save some money for the trip.

4. Stories to tell

One of the best facets of travelling is regaling your friends and family with the sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying stories, of your trip. Not only are solo stories more interesting but you can also throw in a few extra details for dramatic effect and nobody need ever know.

5. Meet cute boys

Gay solo travel permits you to do what you want when you want. If you happened to fall in love over a sangria in Spain and want to spend the rest of the trip cocooned in your holiday fling’s apartment – who’s stopping you?

6. Personal growth

From increasing your confidence and learning how to problem solve, gay solo travel gives you the time, space and opportunity to develop as an individual and have a fantastic time while you’re doing it.

7. You’ll see a place in a different way

Travelling alone gives you the opportunity to really see a place without the distraction of another person. You’ll have more time to watch the locals, soak up the atmosphere and get under the skin of a new and exciting destination.

8. Go to that club

You know that club that you wanted to go to in Berlin that your friend would be too scared to visit? Not a problem.

9. Improve your mental health

Studies have shown that travelling alone can actually improve your mental wellbeing. Having time to reflect and appreciate your own company and interact with new people can all increase your sense of fulfilment and happiness.

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