Visiting Amsterdam for Gay Pride

Any trip to Europe has to include Amsterdam and all of its gloriously legal activities (of which we would never take part in, obviously) not to mention it's amazing Gay Pride Parade and Festival. We visited the Anne Frank House, Red Light District, a sex museum and the Albert Cuyp market. It was a tourist haven and all the better the weekend we arrived because of Gay Pride. Yes, we went to another one. Our final pride event this summer and probably the best, after Phoenix Pride, Madrid Orgullo, and Munich Christopher Street Day. We met some great people and spent the afternoon watching the pride parade on water – a spectacular show to say the least! The pride parade is the highlight of all the events for the weekend, though the outdoor parties and shows were a close second.

Though we didn't visit any other cities in Holland or The Netherlands, we found this is definitely one of those cities where it's less about the specific sights and more about the way of life.  Liberal indulgences aside, it has beautifully laid-out canals cutting through all parts of the city. The trains, trams and buses are easily navigable, although it sometimes seemed as if we were the only ones not choosing a bike as our mode of transportation. The only thing we wouldn't recommend is the Hop On-Hop off bus tour. It left something to be desired – like interesting information. But it is usually a fun way to learn the layout of a city if you want to spend the money.

Amersterdam Town Square

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Here's a clip from the parade:

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