We had our first couchsurfing stay with an excellent host in Munich during Christopher Street Day (aka Gay Pride). He was also hosting a couple others that weekend and took the time to graciously show us around the city. Traveling can be such a different and unique experience when you have the privilege of staying with a local and enjoying their company. Aside from some rainfall, it was a fantastic weekend. We found the pride parade to be surprisingly better than Madrid's even though Munich's Gay Pride event is much smaller.

Here are some photos of the weekend.

The Christopher Street Day Festival in Munich was a blast and we got to eat our first German Bratwurst, while washing it down with a few beers!

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  1. You’re having too much fun! We need more updates!

    1. davidsbrown says:

      I know! It’s so hard to sacrifice travel time for blog time. I’ll get on it! I promise!

      1. What’s this I hear about returning to Spain in March to work for a few months?!

        1. davidsbrown says:

          You heard no such thing!

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