So one day Auston and I were taking the train in Mexico City and we saw that it was coming so we quickly ran toward it. Auston barely made it into the train in time and the doors closed on his foot. I was right behind him but didn't make it in. We both just stared at each other through the window and quickly gestured that we would meet at the next stop.


So I waited for the next train, found him at the next stop and we continued on our way. However, this scenario prompted us to come up with a plan should it happen again. We decided that if one person makes it on the train, he should get off at the next stop and that's where we'll meet since it worked out fine that first time.

And wouldn't you know it, the same thing happened again last week while Auston's brother Robert was visiting. All three of us tried to cram ourselves into a packed bus and once again I didn't make it on. My backpack was getting caught in the doors and I had to step out. Luckily I found Robert and Auston waiting for me at the next bus stop!

So meeting spots aren't just for when you're in a crowded tourist spot. It's also a great idea when taking public transit in a big city!

6 Comments on “Getting Seperated While Traveling on the Mexico City Metro”

  1. sebrown57 says:

    There seems to be a theme here………’re always the one getting left behind! Love the picture!

  2. Joana T says:

    haha I was just going to say the same thing!.. it seems Dave, that you are the problem and need to move a lil faster in order to make to the train/bus, lol.. Love that you guys are having so much fun!!

    Keep in touch!


  3. davidsbrown says:

    It’s totally not my fault! These trains and buses are crazy packed! But believe me, I’m moving my butt faster now.

    Hope you’re doing well Jo! Miss you!

  4. Dad Matta says:

    Auston, check you facebook private message

  5. Dad Matta says:

    Auston, I know a lady here in Houston that is from Guat. She has family in Guat and would welcome guest. They are all very educated people, one family member being an engineer. Let me know if you want names and places.

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