It’s an old cliché that the journey is just as important as the destination, but you’d be forgiven for disagreeing when your flight gets delayed for seven hours and you’re trapped in a stuffy airport twiddling your thumbs – or whiling away the hours checking out the hottie at the gate next to yours.

So, with the amount of time an avid traveler tends to spend between countries, why not dedicate a little bit of effort into feeling good when in the airport. And looking good is always a good start to feeling good!

Here are some – ever so slightly tongue in cheek – tips and suggestions to insert a little class into your terminal times – from outfits and accessories to the best luggage to sport when strutting through that airport like you’re running late to Paris fashion week.

Runway Ready – Outfitted for the Airport

Obviously, comfort is paramount in an airport, but style and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive. A well-fitted tee-shirt paired with smart joggers or sleek, dark denim are the go-to when serving airport realness. The idea is to look effortlessly put together while being comfortable enough to handle those inevitable gate changes. Breathable fabrics are of course a must in those hot countries.

In colder climates add a cheeky scarf for that touch of flair. Next throw on a lightweight, drapey bomber jacket or a classy cardigan—something easy to remove for security but stylish enough to make a statement. Horizn Studios have a selection of rather unique travel hoodies that look great, have temperature-regulating fabrics and are smartly designed to combat odor and overheating – useful if you find yourself running to your gate and don’t want to arrive a sweaty mess. They even come with a cunningly concealed fold-out sleeping mask should you face severe delays and fancy a nap. 

Footwear-wise, opt for loafers or stylish sneakers that slip off easily—because nobody wants to be that guy holding up the line fumbling with laces.

The Right Kind of Baggage with Horizn Studios

Your luggage says a lot about you, so why not have it declare you as an experienced and stylish traveler while showcasing your values. Horizn Studios’ high-end luggage is meticulously crafted to be smart and sleek with the perfect blend of functionality and style. Their high-quality, durable materials mean your stylish companion will stand the test of time—and travel. 

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Both their check-in and cabin suitcases are made with high class German engineering and have an aerospace-grade German polycarbonate hard shell – in other words they are as durable as they are pretty! Choose between a range of subtle yet stylish colors from your classic black or pristine white to a ­­­glossy true red or a gorgeous night blue – whatever pops with your outfit!  And they come with a lifetime guarantee in case – pun intended – they do somehow manage to get damaged.

Silent high-end 360 spinner wheels assure you won’t be clunking your way through customs and their TSA-approved locks keep your belongings safe and secure whether your luggage is in the hold or the overhead locker. All Horizn Studios’ cases are 100% animal friendly, made of 97% recycled polycarbonate and have 100% recycled interior lining, meaning you’re reducing your footprint at least a little! 

Navigating the Airport with VIP Grace

It’s easy to get flustered in the ever changing world that is airports. Maintain your composure and keep your travel documents in a chic leather holder; it’s both practical and posh. It sounds obvious but checking in online, looking to know your terminal and flight number also saves for a lot of unnecessary stress – the bane of looking composed. 

If you have just that extra bit of cash to splurge, why not use it on gaining access to one of the airport VIP lounges.  It's the perfect spot to mingle with fellow jet-setters while sashaying around like someone important. You'll make your money back anyway with the buffet food on offer and – the best bit – lots of free wine!

The Final Touch(Down) – Accessories

A designer crossbody bag not only holds all your travel essentials but also adds that je ne sais quoi to your outfit.  Horizn Studios also has stylish laptop cases for those who really must take their work to the airport and want to look good doing it. As well as premium material luggage tags to add that final touch. Their packing cubes mean that even those scanning your luggage will be impressed and have you look like a traveling pro. 

So whether you’re jet-setting to Mykonos or business-tripping to Berlin, it’s about making every moment count, starting with your airport arrival. So next time you pack, think less about the hassle and more about the runway—because life isn’t just about where you’re going, it’s about enjoying the flight. And who knows? You might just turn a few heads at 35,000 feet.

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