Check out some of the travel blogs and sites that we like to follow. :-D = Some of our favorites! Though we heart them all.

General Travel Advice & Tips

1000 Lonely Places:  This site strives to inspire people to travel and provides information about the various interesting destinations around the world considering the various needs of a traveller. It also has a great festivals section which is one of our favorite ways to see a city.

Easy Travel: At Easy Travel, they believe travel is a passion for some while for some it is a means of spending quality time with their family and friends. When the question arises, why do we travel? The answer is that different individuals travel for different reasons including pleasure, exploration or business.

Outstanding Places: Outstanding Places is the most ultimate list of outstanding, amazing, beautiful and best places to travel in the world! From sights, nature, temples to city's and even entire country's, if it's outstanding it's on this website.

Places For Tour: A general guide that makes you aware of places on earth that you might not know of yet.

Wanderlusting: Wanderlusting grew out of the need to share all the inspiring truths, surprising challenges and knowledge that travel offers.

World Travel Buzz: World Travel Buzz is an edgy and awesome online travel magazine, run by a team of travel writers from around the world. They are young, wild, free, and in-your-face, and they provide honest and engaging travel stories, tips, and advice from real backpackers and adventure travelers.

LGBTQ Travel

:-D 1Dad1Kid: A single father travels with his 9 year old son. Talon is an author and writer who always dreamed of giving his son a cultural experience only possible by seeing the world first hand.

Beat Delight: The online social network for the gobal Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community. 

:-D Breakaway BackpackerJaime decided to escape Corporate America in 2011 for a two year trip around the world. He writes about his adventures as he globe trots from country to country. We met Jaime in Singapore and had a great time sharing stories over drinks – his stories are not to be missed!

:-D Engineer on the Road: Josh is a field services engineer and travels the world working on various projects. Clearly smarter than Auston, Josh actually works as an engineer while Auston earns a meager income as a writer, even after 7 years of engineering school.

Flashpack at FortyThis 40-something UK couple travels “flashpacker” style. Not quite hardcore backpackers but not hotel snobs either. They balance the life of a backpacker but know when to drop money an exciting experiences.  

Gay2Stay.euExclusively Gay and Gay Friendly Hotel, Apartment & Resort Reservations Worldwide. Smiling faces, friendly gay and lesbian places. You don't have to be gay to book at Gay2Stay! 

Globe Trotter GirlsA German photographer and a travel editor from Chicago.These girls travel the world finding house sits along the way.  

Happy Gay TravelAll Gay & Lesbian Cruises, Resorts & Tours. Gay & gay friendly hotels, apartments & holidays to Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Mykonos, Sitges, Tenerife, etc.  

Indefinite Adventure: Sam and Zab are two British guys with insatiable wanderlust. In January 2013, after being together for seven and a half years, they flew to Buenos Aires on one-way tickets…and this blog chronicles what happened next.  

Leave Your Daily Hell: Fellow gay travel blogger and photographer. He offers tips for traveling the world on almost any budget and explains how to become location independent in your work and travel.

Nomadic Boys: A fellow travel blogging couple, Stefan and Sebastien created their blog to record all their adventures involving their travels and world food discoveries along the way. We love their sense of adventure, not to mention their witty and sarcastic humor

Vagaybond: Jim and Chris have travelled with peace, humility, humbleness and open-mindedness to over 57 Countries and lived in 8. They enjoy interesting local food, sweets, beer and especially wine from Chris's native land, Africa for which he longs to discover his original ancestry.

Travel RedBook: Recommended Sites including The Best LGBT Tour Operators, Expert Travel Agents Specializing in LGBT Travel as well as LGBT friendly Villas from around the world.

Travels of Adam: Adam is a world traveler who left his job for a 15 month trip around the world. He currently resides in Berlin and writes about indie travel experiences.

Waegook TomTom has been working in South Korea teaching English since 2009. He’ll start his world trip in 2013. He has some great tips on expat living, teaching English abroad, and our favorite, his weekly post on international food called “Foodporn Friday.”

Gay Naturists International (GNI) – the largest nudist organization for men – hosts the world’s largest nude event (including all straight naturist events) every August in the Pocono mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. We have 700-800 men from all over the world join us for up to 10 days of nude recreation. It truly is an experience to be had for the gay and bisexual man.

Couple Travel

2 Backpackers: Jason and Aracely entertain and motivate you through travel photos, adventure video and live interaction on social networks as they visit destinations from around the world.

Am I Nearly There Yet?Eloise and Stu are a British backpacker couple, travelling the globe long-term and living life to the fullest!

AngloItalian, Follow Us: Dale & Franca love the world of creativity; whether it’s seeing great architecture around the world, visiting wonderful art galleries & exhibitions, seeing great pieces of design or listening to fantastic music. They share all those experiences that people might not get a chance to see, whilst also keeping people up-to-date with our other travel adventures.

Backpacking Travel Blog: Ok, so you already met Samuel and Audrey. Turns out they met one day in South Korea and learned of each others travel adventures. Next thing you know…a couple's travel blog. Well we know what it's like to travel as a couple so we give them credit in making it work. 

Destination Savvy: Lin and Ryan want to share their  adventures and misadventures with people who can benefit from the things they've seen and mistakes they've made. Destination Savvy is not just a source for backpackers. Whatever category of traveler you may be, they hope you find this site fun and informative.

Getting Stamped: Hannah & Adam are an American couple who decided the normal life was just too… normal. First traveling to simply escape the Wisconsin winters, they are now packing their lives into a backpack for a year to travel the globe.  

:-D Internationally In Debt: Shay and Zach are currently living in Taipei teaching English and learning Chinese. Follow their journey as they share how they are literally living internationally while in debt, but even more indebted to living internationally. 

Travelbllgr: A kiwi and a pom with a passion for budget travel. They spend every spare minute of their time exploring new places and sharing their adventures, travel tips and inspiration on their travel blogs.

World Walk About: Matt & Andrea left their home in Seattle and moved to South Korea to teach English. From there they plan on indulging in wanderlust as much as possible, experiencing new cultures, foods, and people, planning a round the world trip, and documenting it every step of the way.

You're Not From Around Here, Are You?: Steve is a long term traveler and has been on the road since 2006. Since leaving corporate life in London he's traveled, worked, volunteered and lived in over 90 countries.

Solo Travel

25 Travels: From a man who completed a 25-country journey before 25 years old and continues to prioritize traveling while balancing work.

A Backpacker's Tale: Stephen is a world traveler who focuses his determination and passion into making his dream of permanent travel a reality. 

A Dangerous Business: Amanda is a graduate student from Ohio by day as well as an avid traveler and blogger by night. Unlike many travel bloggers, she's never taken time off from her “normal” life to travel long-term, but she travels on her own time and on her own terms. 

Active Planet Travels: Ron wants to backpack to all 7 continents by following his spiritual intuition and sharing his unique cultural experiences along the way.

A Little Adrift: Shannon is a former actress, current online consultant, speaker, writer, photographer, traveler, and storyteller who started her site to share stories from her year-long trip around the world in 2008 but now finds herself on an open-ended journey with no clear end in sight. 

All Colores: One woman's life-hugging travel blog. Ayelet celebrates the everyday and extraordinaire joys of life through travel.

:-D The Art of Non-Conformity: Chris is a blogger, author, and self-employed world traveler who encourages others to kick their day jobs and work for themselves. He's currently on a mission to travel to all 193 countries in the world and has just a few left to go.

Bogan on a Bus: 90% anecdotal, 2% informational. Chronicling her quest to become a somewhat reasonable world traveller, one pair of harem pants at a time. 

Che on the Road: Che chronicles her journeys in the Philippines and the rest of the world, providing information to those planning their trips and showcasing snapshots she's taken while on the road. A Canadian who quit her job, sold everything she owned and left behind a great life all to move to Berlin for 18 months. Now based at home again in Toronto, Cheryl continues her career as a freelance writer specializing in European travel and expat life.

Expert Vagabond: Matthew's goal is to inspire you with entertaining stories, useful advice, & interesting photos from around the world. He enjoys sharing his personal experiences and creating a place for discussion about long-term travel.

First-Time Travels: Claire's travel blog was created to help first-time travelers as they embark on something different. It is an assurance for every tourist and traveler that even the most seasoned one has started out as a neophyte. The articles here are her experiences and observations when she set foot on a place for the first time. 

Fleeting Life: Christina is a travel addict with passion for great food, healthy living, languages and international human rights. She recognizes that this life is so brief, and aims to make the most of it. She may be a goofball, but she’s also extremely introspective and a self-proclaimed daydreamer. 

Half Deserted Streets: Join Gael as he embarks on a path of self discovery through the cliche and the unique, where he knows with each step he takes, he's closer to figuring out where he belongs in these Half Deserted Streets.  

It's Lovely Annie: Annie showcases her travels around the world as she come face to face with the strange and the fabulous, talking about her favorite things and awkward things as she gets her eyes opened up to all there is out there. Sometimes it’s not pretty, but that’s just how life is sometimes!.  

Jasmine Wanders: After working for a corporate law office in Mesa, Arizona (our home town!), Jasmine  decided that her education wasn’t over, and that there was a lot more to learn and see. She sold and gave away all her worldly possessions and booked a flight to New Zealand. And she hasn't looked back since. 

Jessie on a JourneyJessie on a Journey was created in an effort to inspire others to travel the world. The site is not just about one person’s journey, but about the paths taken by all travelers. In her writing, she hopes to take you beyond the guide book. 

JetSetCitizen: John has been living abroad since 1997. He interviews digital nomads and lifestyle designers who are succeeding in creating better lives for themselves and others on paths less travelled. 

Justin Was Here: Justin Jones is a travel writer, founder of World Travel Buzz Magazine, & Host of the Radical Travel Podcast. He travels the world to share his stories, as well as those of the people he meets along the way. We think Justin's quote says it all. “I used to have a real job – now, I live for a living.

Kaleidoscopic Wandering: A colorful journey of travel narratives, interviews, reviews, tips and thoughts from the road.

Mai Travel Site:  Federico is a 30 something year old guy who was born in Chicago, raised in Spain and has lived in Belgium and Australia. Check out his blog as he travels the world visiting world famous destinations and explores those not as known, offering money saving tips and unique insights for your ultimate trip.

Man vs World: After traveling to nearly 30 countries, Simon is heading to Asia armed with a passion for travel, a life savings and a TEFL certification.

Nomadic Notes: James is a location independent entrepreneur from Melbourne and has been on the road as a digital nomad since 2003. A coffee nerd with a passion for travel and the internet.

Nomadical Sabbatical: Peter is an ex-cubicle dwelling pink monkey. After spending his misguided youth and 17 years of hard earned education learning to obey his future corporate masters he was left with nothing but the unanswered question: “Is this it? He now blogs about his journey and experiences with the goal of inspiring more people to do the same.

:-D Nomadic Samuel: Originally from Canada, Samuel has been exploring the globe for more than 6 years. He's traveled to more than 25 countries and has one of the most popular travel blogs on the web. 

Notes From a Nomad: In early 2010, Mark was just another London commuter. He soon became a freelance web developer and within a year I was itching to start traveling. He booked a flight, sold his belongings  and since then  hasn’t looked back.

On My Walkabout: Nick is a blogger and travel writer and is always teaching others how easy travel and experiencing the interesting things in life can be.

Passport Packed: Liz is a young kiwi girl, out travelling the world and sharing her adventures on her blog. With a background in PR it’s only natural that she loves writing. She’s a free spirit and will give anything a go at least once! 

Pau Travels: Paul is a blogger from the Philippines and he provides great destination advice from around the world.

Pommie Travels: Victoria is a lover of life and full-time wanderer. When she's not traveling, she's thinking about it. Follow her adventures to find inspiration that you can travel and work anywhere in the world you choose. Just book the ticket and take the ride.

:-D Rexy Edventures: Ed is a British backpacker and good friend who writes about his travels in the UK and abroad. Being profoundly deaf, he faces challenges that we will never know. We love reading his blog and actually traveled with him for 3 weeks in South America.

That Backpacker: Audrey is also originally from Canada and is an avid student of languages. She was actually raised in Argentina, so she's fluent in English and Spanish (we are jealous of her!) and has studied French, Portuguese and German. One day we hope to speak as many languages as she does! 

The Wanderlustress: Lauren started her blog to share experiences with fellow wanderers. She hopes to have the privilege of inspiring others to take a chance because she believes everyone deserves the chance to wander and to lose themselves.

Wandering Albatross: Helen has always dreamed about doing a round-the-world trip. Although she hasn't done it yet she still enjoys documenting her travels, to share what she's learned about traveling, the destinations and the companies involved including the good the bad and the ugly.

World Wandering Kiwi: Natasha is the World Wandering Kiwi and is trying to make the pages of the atlas real one step at a time. She's been to 49 countries so far and hopes her tales inspire you to travel.

Regional Travel

A Day Trip: Though Craig has traveled to several places around the world, his blog focuses on the best spots of New England and is a great resource for hidden gems. 

Active Backpacker: Tom provides great backpacking tips and helpful guides for exploring Europe. After our 3 month, whirlwind trip through Europe, we absolutely recommend it to others who might be considering a visit.

Best Beaches in Asia: Ideas for Asian beach vacations. 

:-D Dream Euro TripIf you are dreaming about taking a Euro Trip this blog can help you budget and live up to your dream. Find actionable travel advice, essential information and inspiration to help you plan your own dream trip.

Far SicknessFarsickness serves to chronicle the life and travels of an expat around the globe and to be a resource for those living and traveling in Korea and beyond. Farsickness hopes to inspire others to break out of the bubble and go after what makes them happy.  

My Spanish Adventure: Will left his “normal” life in London and moved to Spain to seek new adventures. Our love for Spain draws us to this blog as well as a shared appreciation for international travel.

Travel Asia – My Several Worlds: Travel Asia with Carrie Kellenberger.

Travel in Other Languages

Como Viajar Por El Mundo: Great travel advice for Spanish speakers who want to learn about traveling the world.

Holiday Backpack: A a group of world-weary travelers from the US, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Peru and Indonesia came together with a single unique concept – to create the world’s first truly multilingual travel blog. So whether you’re after travel tips, no-nonsense advice, or just some funny stories, this is the place for you.

Photography & Travel David is a hobbyist photographer, Getty Images Artist & ardent traveller. His online presence has a strong emphasis on travel photography where you’ll find an ever-growing collection of quality images captured all over the world.

Elska MagazineElska is a gay photography and travel publication, each issue shot in a different city with local men and local stories. There's also an Elska blog with behind the scenes stories, extra pics and travel tips.

Frameless World: Bino is a freelance photographer and former financial analyst based in Manila, Philippines. Presently, he's roaming around Asia for an indefinite time. His blog serves as his own journal of travels, adventures and some random imagery. 

Smiling Faces Travel Photos: This photo blog promises to brighten your day with smiling faces from around the world. There is nothing like meeting a local and experiencing the joy in their life.

Food & Travel

Flavor of San Diego: Flavor of San Diego was born because of two locals’ passion for all things edible. They share restaurant, brewery and bar experiences in the expansive and eclectic county of San Diego. We especially like what they have to offer since we hope to move to San Diego one day.

Jemma Eat WorldJemma's blog began as a place to write Edinburgh restaurant reviews, but she then decided to set off and explore the world in July 2012. She loves great food and travel blogs and hopes one day hers will be one of them (but we think it already is!).

Health & Travel

:-D Nerd Fitness: World traveler offering tips on getting and staying in shape. We especially like this blog because he focuses on easy ways to workout while traveling.

Teach & Travel

Route Words: Kelsey is on a never-ending quest to find herself while getting lost in the world. She’s originally from Manassas, Virginia – just outside Washington D.C., but now calls Madrid home, just like us. She’s perfecting her Spanish while spending the days teaching English to earn more travel money.

Reach to Teach: A group of teachers that are dedicated to helping you find your dream ESL job. Services are 100% FREE!