We've included a few travel resources here to be aware of when traveling internationally. It's also a good sign if your travel service provided is part of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association since it means they're aware of issues of equality and specific requirements when it comes to LGBT travelers. If you're an American Citizen, the State Department also provides useful information and travel advice especially if you're a student studying abroad for an extended period of time.

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As an LGBT traveler, you might not be aware of this organization because they tend to focus more on business-to-business relationships. But as consumers, we all benefit from the work they’ve done the past 30+ years. Today, airlines, hotels, destinations and travel companies from around the world join IGLTA to improve their products and services for the LGBT community. Among other things, they help to train non gay-owned companies to be sensitive to LGBT issues when it comes to travel.

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State Department


The State Departure provides useful information for international travelers related to LGBT issues. While some countries are very gay friendly, there are many around the world where it's dangerous for LGBT people to travel. This resource helps provide useful insights and safety information to travelers and students studying abroad.

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