The coronavirus pandemic has caused the travel industry to grind to a halt with international border restrictions, reduction in flights and the closure of hotels and other tourism businesses. Although the situation is ever-evolving, it seems the likelihood of tourism returning to normal is finally on the horizon. Several vaccine candidates have been announced and distribution is expected at warp speed. With that news, comes the hope that international air travel will return worldwide in early to mid-2021. So with a new year full of hope, why not start planning your 2021 travel itinerary? One of our favorite travel experiences is a gay cruise and 2021 has got some great ones lined up later in the year.  Luckily, most tour operators have loosened their change and cancelation policies to give you the confidence you need to book a trip now knowing that you may need to postpone or cancel and request a refund. So go sailing in Croatia, explore Iceland or join a river cruise in France. We’ve got our top suggestions for you. Pick your favorite or pick them all, just don’t miss out!

Croatia Gay Sailing with Two Bad Tourists

We’ll be your hosts on this awesome gay sailing trip and we’ll also have a certified skipper to pilot the boat. You can enjoy an island-hopping vacation around the beautiful Croatian coastline with gay guests from around the world. We’ll stop at the best gay-friendly locations in the area for you to explore, as well as great beaches for an afternoon dip. You will arrive in port with enough time to explore the island, relax on our private yacht or find a nice cocktail sunset bar. The amazing destinations include the famous island of Vis, Hvar with its buzzing nightlife and fine dining, plus you’ll get the opportunity to party in Split’s bars and clubs. We had to cancel our trip in 2020, but all signs point to a successful trip in August 2021.

August 14 to 21, 2021

Clothing-Optional Gay Sailing in Indonesia

Guys, naked, sailing on a traditional wooden vessel through the Flores Sea. Free, honest, and fun. This 6-night clothing-optional cruise on a traditional all-wooden Pinisi boat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience by Everything to Sea. Amongst literally thousands of islands – Indonesia’s archipelago boasts nearly 17,000 pieces of land surrounded by water – many are uninhabited, and many are small. Glancing around, you can see craggy rocks, sensuous hills, and mountains – all surrounded by a mix of seas. As striking as it is wild, the land and the sea and the air and the light all combine to create a spectacular landscape. And the all-male environment turns it into a man’s landscape. Check out this place where a man can escape.

June 12-18, 2021 (additional dates available)

VACAYA Iceland Cruise

There’s no more magical a place on earth than Iceland. From the geothermal pools of The Blue Lagoon and the thunderous Gullfoss Waterfall to the 5-star luxury of the Ponant expedition vessel, you’ll be blown away. If you’re itching to travel in 2021, know that Iceland put rigorous protocols in place early that limited their exposure to COVID-19 and the Icelandic government is making it convenient for tourists to enter and exit, worry-free. VACAYA has charted the brand new luxurious 5-star Le Jacques Cartier from Ponant Cruises for their Iceland summer trip. This is the ultimate voyage of discovery of Iceland and the Arctic Circle – a truly exotic summer adventure on the trail of the Vikings. For 8 days, VACAYA will take you to extreme lands and breathtaking scenery. Glaciers, lava fields, geysers, and steam baths await those with a passion for travel and a love for the finer things in life. View Iceland Cruise →

September 1-8, 2021

Luxury Gay River Cruise of France

We’re excited to announce our first big trip of 2021. Even better, you’re able to join us on the trip! We’ll be joining a luxury river cruise with Brand g Vacations this coming May. The ship will cruise along the beautiful Seine river round trip from Paris and traveling all the way to Normandy. We’ll be joining Brand g for their popular river cruise on a ship that holds 146 guests. It’s a great balance of being small and intimate but while still large enough for great ship amenities and entertainment plus opportunities to meet other guests onboard. The ship has been a highlight of the Amadeus fleet since it was built in 2009, and is the new jewel on the French waterways after its complete renovation in 2019. Brand g trips are all-inclusive meaning they include almost all possible expenses and services like ground transportation, airport transfer, meals and beer and wine on board. 

May 12-19, 2021

Tahiti Gay Cruise

Many of us are eager to start traveling again but the situation has been delicate depending on your part of the world. Americans, in particular, have not been allowed to enter many countries in 2020. Luckily, once place has allowed Americans to visit early on as long as you could prove you're COVID free. Tahiti in French Polynesia has managed the pandemic well and currently has record low COVID cases. To keep everyone safe, they implemented a testing protocol for visitors. If you’re interested in seeing the amazing islands of French Polynesia you can join Source Events on their Dreams of Tahiti Cruise aboard a private charter of the Wind Spirit.

September 16-23, 2021

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