Tel Aviv is undoubtedly the Middle East’s most progressive city when to comes to LGBT rights and so, understandably, the region’s premier gay destination for travellers.

Gay Culture in Tel Aviv

Thousands of LGBT visitors flock to the city each year, many from the local region, but Tel Aviv also attracts big crowds from Europe, North America and elsewhere. Public opinion around LGBT rights is largely positive and the LGBT community is very visible in Tel Aviv. It’s not just young people looking to party that flock to Israel year after year, it’s also popular with couples seeking a more sedate holiday and families looking for a mix of sunshine and culture.

Gay Bars Tel Aviv

The gay nightlife in Tel Aviv is centred around weekly parties in different clubs, and there are few specifically gay bars. Eva was the city’s oldest gay bar but was, sadly, recently shut down. There are a couple of notable venues worth checking out when in town. Shpagat, meaning ‘splits’ in Hebrew, is a casual cafe with a sporty by day and in the evening the atmosphere turns more Medetarrain cafe-bar and they play a variety of tunes. Apolo Bar covers two floors and hosts a range of different nights throughout the week – some with age restrictions so it’s always worth checking beforehand.

Gay Club Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv doesn’t really have permanent gay clubs but instead they have over-the-top gay parties that change venues. These parties bring an attractive and energetic crowd of mostly men – with both locals and foreign visitors. Popular parties in town include the FFF Party and Forever Tel Aviv just to name a few. The locations change but they are often held at Ha-oman, Tel Aviv’s mega club located south of Florentine neighborhood, a 15-minute drive from City Center.

Dungeon Club is not actually a gay venue but a fetish club that hosts a range of different evenings catering to a range of interests and peccadillos. If you’re looking to explore the great outdoors and interesting in a little fun then Independence Park is known for its cruisy atmosphere in the evenings and is frequented by a range of guy of all ages and types.

Gay Sauna Tel Aviv

Paradise – Current the only gay sauna in Tel Aviv. In the heart of the city, just a walk away from the city center’s entertainment spotsis, Open to all, chubby, thin, bears and chasers, sauna paradise is safe, clean, intimate and cozy place to enjoy and have fun together.

Gay Beaches in Tel Aviv

One of the main draws of Tel Aviv is its coastal location, excellently marrying the city break with the beach getaway. The Mediterranean beaches are highly acclaimed and the long, hot summers provide ample opportunity to enjoy them. Winter sees temperatures hover around the 20-degree mark – whether you consider this an appropriate temperature to hit the beach is entirely your decision. Hilton Beach, named after the Hotel, is the most popular gay beach in Tel Aviv and is particularly busy on Fridays and Saturday as these are the official weekend days in Israel.

Gay Pride in Tel Aviv

Gay Pride is held annually in June and is one of the largest in the world. Like most Pride events these days, the emphasis is on partying with little political inclination and the city population swells and so it’s considerably more expensive to visit over this week.

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