In Barcelona, towards the end of April when the sun begins to blaze, one of the best places to beat (and enjoy!) the heat is the beach. Barcelona has as many as 10 different beaches lined up one after the other, each one lining the coast from the Barceloneta neighborhood all the way to the Forum zone, towards the end of the city.

Of Barcelona’s 10 beaches, two are deemed officially gay: the Sant Miquel beach and the popular Mar Bella beach. Here we will tell you a bit more about them.

Sant Miquel Beach

Situated in the neighborhood known as the Barceloneta, the Sant Miquel beach is not only the first of the city’s 10 beaches, it is also officially a gay beach in Barcelona. At the feet of the W Hotel, here we have one of the best views of the Barcelona coast and a great vibe, which you can enjoy while sharing a cocktail with handsome young men.

owever, as both the Sant Miquel beach and its neighbor, the Barceloneta beach, are located the nearest to the city center, they are often bustling with people. Tourists, locals, ambulant vendors, and even pickpocketers, who do quite well in this area in August, can be found on this beach every day. Let’s just say that they are not necessarily the beaches where you’re going to get that much-needed relaxation time you need. Despite this, many gay men flock to the Sant Miquel beach every day due to its excellent location and easy access. To get there, you can take the metro L4 line to the Barcelona station and walk 10 minutes following the Juan de Borbón Promenade.

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Mar Bella Beach

The Mar Bella beach is quintessentially known as the gay beach in Barcelona and it is the most popular among the local LGBTQ community. At a bit of a distance from the downtown area and removed from the intense tourism found there, this gay nudist beach is the city’s hotspot for gorgeous bodies, good looks and tons of fun. Many Barcelona locals frequent the Mar Bella beach to enjoy the day, relax, drink a cold cocktail in the famous Chiringuito BeGay, and go for a swim. At this beach, it’s impossible not to have a good time.

And in case this wasn’t enough to convince you, the Mar Bella beach also has a small cruising area found in the shrubs that separate the beach from the walking path. When night falls we can still see the silhouette of those who are not quite ready to head home.

The Mar Bella is 100% recommended for all of you beach lovers visiting Barcelona. Getting there is also relatively easy. Just take the metro L4 line to the Poble Nou station and from there walk straight down Bilbao Street towards the sea for about 10 minutes. Something to keep in mind: if you go in August during the Circuit Festival there’s a good chance you won’t even be able to find a spot to put your towel so get there early! 😉

More information: Mar Bella Beach

We hope you enjoy the beach this summer, and remember to put on sunblock, or even better… have someone put it on for you!

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