The Movida Madrileña was an artistic and social movement that arose during the 80s, as a reaction to the long period of strictness it was preceded by. Such a cultural explosion and the debauchery of those days have left us a remarkable legacy, including hundreds of pop songs which are still popular and the first movies directed by a young and transgressor Almodóvar.

It was also during that time when Chueca started to change, planting the seeds which will turn Chueca into a flourishing gay neighborhood during the 90s and thereafter. Chueca became the center of the Spanish capital’s gay life, one of the liveliest gay neighborhoods around Europe, plenty of bars, nightclubs and, of course, gay saunas. The number of saunas has gradually increased over the last years, so here you can find a selection of the main Gay Saunas in Madrid.


The years go by and one of the first Gay Saunas in Madrid still keeps its popularity and appealing. It counts with two Jacuzzis and up to three dark rooms! And the best areas are underground: a large swimming pool and a dungeon which are the perfect match to bricks’ walls and faint lights. The place is superb, but the guys are even better. Young, middle age, muscled, tourists… A perfect mix which can be found very close to Chueca and that opens 24h.

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Octopus is the largest bear Gay Sauna in Madrid. Having a dry sauna or a wet one is a must, but they also count two dark rooms, a cinema, and even an area for fetish and bondage lovers, including a dungeon. It is the perfect place if you like Bear, chubby and mature men.

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It must be the most discreet gay sauna in Madrid, as it is located in a very quiet pedestrian street. They have recently added a Jacuzzi, however, the best area of the sauna is the adult cinema room which includes a glory hole… It is very popular among middle-aged men; although you can meet young guys and mature men too in there. For those who like a cozy (and clean!) atmosphere and a pleasant treatment, Puerta de Toledo will be your ideal option.

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Sauna Lavapiés is one of the smallest and coziest gay Saunas in Madrid. It has three different floors, in which we can find a dry sauna and a wet one, showers with color therapy, a dark room, massage’s service…). It also has themed days (naked, lights off…). Sauna Lavapiés might not be the busiest gay sauna in Madrid, but many different types of men go there: mature, young…

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If mature men are your go-to, this is definitely your sauna, with perfect facilities to enjoy the most passionate encounters!

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Whatever you like we are sure you will find it in any of this Gay Saunas in Madrid, have fun!!

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