While it’s important that travel is a time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with the world – gay travel apps can be a fantastic way to help organise and assist you on your next adventure.


Skyscanner is the premier app for finding cheap flights. It has excellent functionalities like a multi-city search and a destination ‘anywhere’ feature – perfect for the true intrepid explorer seeking a less conventional trip and those who are keen to find the cheapest flights.

Google Maps

While Google Maps isn’t necessarily the most user-friendly, it does have the most extensive list of bars attractions and points of interest – exceptionally useful if you don’t know the exact address of where you are heading.


While ostensibly used for sex, Grindr can be an excellent way of meeting a local for a drink if you’re travelling on your own. You can also use it to meet other gay travellers and perhaps grab a beer together on your gay globe adventure?

Live Trekker

This experimental app has been described as a digital journal. It tracks where you have been so you can review it on an interactive map later. You can add pictures and video to make it a whole multimedia experience.


Covering over 300 destinations, Vespa is the most comprehensive app documenting gay bars, clubs and points of interest. This well-curated app also lets you leave feedback about your experience. It’s regularly updated with parties and events and even informs you of the local happy hours. What more could you want?


Its aim was to change the landscape of LGBT travel and while it doesn’t quite do that it’s certainly a strong addition to the travel app portfolio. It has a multi functional purpose and aims to connect people on their trip for a few hours, days or weeks. It also serves as a couch-surfing service for those who need a place to crash.


Kayak is a solid alternative choice to Skyscanner. The explore function is great for some inspiration showing you on a map where you can fly within your budget and within your predetermined time frame.

Mister B&B

This popular accommodation app has taken the gay travel world by storm and is highly recommended. Not only can you save money on a place to stay but you can meet a local who will inform you about all the best places to visit. And you might make a friend for life!

Duo Lingo

Learning a little of the lingo before you visit somewhere makes your experience more authentic and enjoyable. The Duo Lingo app makes picking up the basics incredibly simple with its game-style functionality.

XE Currency

The world’s most reliable current converter is bound to come in useful when you’re travelling in far-flung destinations. It also works offline, so unless something catastrophic has happened since the last time you were online you can still access a recent conversion.


This handy app correlates all the information from your diary and email and produces a digital itinerary. It takes everything from your pre-booked taxi to your flight details and presents it to you in a neat and coordinated fashion. We love it!

Google Translate

It’s always handy to have a translation app handy when you’re travelling. It doesn’t have to be Google – take your pick from the many choices available.

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