We’re Giving Away a Free iPad with Hornet – Gay Social Network

If you’ve never used a gay dating app then you’re either living under a rock or you’ve specifically convinced yourself to avoid downloading one for whatever reason. Enter Hornet – it’s currently the #2 gay network in the world but perhaps you’ve not used it or even heard of it before? If that’s the case it’s because Hornet is extremely popular in places outside North America and Europe especially in countries like Brazil or Russia. But the app is growing and has a lot of cool features. Hornet goes beyond the typical geolocation dating app for finding sex. It’s a great tool for meeting locals in a new city and you can even search for people in places you’re planning to visit or even by interests or hashtags.

Giveaway Has Ended – thanks for entering – we’ve teamed up with Hornet to give away a free iPad mini. All you have to do is 1) download the app for free here and 2) enter the giveaway on this page. Giveaway ends soon – good luck!

Photo via Hornet

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