Four Fantastic Reasons to Vacation in Greece

We spent 2 weeks in Greece in the summer of 2012. Athens was a must see destination even though the city was a bit dirty. We really enjoyed our time on Mykonos and recommend checking out for of this country if you get the chance. This article was shared with us to help inspire you to consider Greece and all that it has to offer.

Greece is hands down, one of the most beautiful countries you can ever visit.  Greece is the place for everyone with a wide range of diversity in its landscapes, and attractions. Everything you could ever want all rolled into one place.  Here are some reasons why anyone would be crazy to pass at a chance to experience Greece first hand.

Photo by Chi King / CC BY

Photo by Chi King / CC BY

There are plenty of ways to get to Greece.  The first reason is the simplest reason of all. You can travel by car, bus, plane, and boat or ship to get to Greece.  No excuses, get your ticket, rental, gas, or whatever it is that you need and just go for it! Not only is it easy to get to Greece but it’s easy to find the most amazing places to stay and fantastic vacation packages with Cosmos Holidays.

Greece has some of the most amazing archaeological sites in the world.  The Parthenon on top of the Acropolis is something that everyone has at least heard of at some point in their life.  If you want to experience history in its truest of forms, take a step back into time and explore these breathtaking ruins.  Along with the Parthenon there are other sites you must visit, such as the ancient theater of Delphi that gives you views of the unreal landscapes below, and Mystras which holds the ruins of carefully crafted medieval buildings, also set in a fantastic landscape.

Beach beauties takes on a whole new meaning in Greece.  If you are one to enjoy the sun and sand, on Myrtos Beach you can experience beach fun in a whole new way.  The waters are the truest forms of turquoise and blue which only stands out even more against the bleach white marble pebbles of the beach.  That’s right, marble pebbles.  If that wasn’t enough to make anyone want to cry tears of joy, the beach is cozied in between huge mountains and cliffs. When you set your gaze onto this unimaginable view, you won’t have a question in your mind as to why this beach has been voted the best beach in Greece twelve separate times.

Cities and towns that should only exist in storybooks.  Santorini is one island that will make you understand exactly what I mean. Fira, the capitol of Santorini is full of white-washed buildings perched all along the 400 meter high cliff.  These buildings that line the cobblestone streets consist of shops, hotels, taverns, cafes, and of course homes.  The sunsets that are seen here are said to be some of the most striking in the world, as warm colors of red, yellows, purples, pinks and oranges fill the sky, they paint the white buildings in the same colors.

There are hundreds of reasons to visit Greece, but the best reasons come from your own personal memories and stories of your trip that will last a lifetime. When it comes to Greece – what more could a person possibly want?

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