Prague’s 5 Must See and Do’s

Prague was one of our favorites cities while visiting Europe during our Round-the-World trip. Here's another article that was shared with us highlighting the top 5 things to do and see during any visit to Prague.


Amazing gothic architecture, stunning river views, majestic castles and humbling but tasty food and drinks are just a bit of what the city of Prague is about. Hopefully you're in town long enough to see everything the city offers, but if you're looking for the top things to experience, these are the things to do and see.


Charles Bridge
Taking it's stage on the Vltava River is the majestic Charles Bridge. It's adorned with 16 arches and statues of religious figurines. Come for a morning stroll or catch the afternoon market where vendors set up their painting stall or hotdog stand along the bridge. The cobble stone walkways span 520 meters and the views of the river are as almost as good as it gets. To get some better views of the river, everything surrounding it, and perhaps even some of the neighboring cities connected by the river, you should think about stylish river cruises Europe to make you're holiday that more special.

Prague Castle
One of the most massive fortresses in the world is Prague Castle. You can't help but notice it sitting on the hill not too far from the Charles Bridge. The gothic  castle is a mysterious looking and stunning masterpiece from the outside and the inside. There are a few points of interest at the castle, depending on how long you want to stay, you could spend nearly a day exploring all of it. There are other parts of the castle like St. George's Basilica , St. Vitus Cathedral, the Powder Tower, the Royal Palace, and Golden Lane to explore.

Old Town Square
A popular spot to stroll, grab a bite to eat or admire the impressive architecture of the city is all located at the Old Town Square. There are several charming and cute restaurants in the area, cafes for a coffee, or patio to sip a beer on. The surroundings are in a old gothic setting and a lively atmosphere.

Astronomical Clock
While you're strolling around the Old Square, an inevitable stop will be a very noticeable and famous clock, the Astronomical clock. Ticking away since the 1400s, this beautifully detailed timepiece has a little surprise every hour from 8am-8pm. Little wooden saints emerge from a mini door to represent medieval mortality with greed, vanity, death, and turk. The clock also has pieces with zodiac signs and calendars.

Grab a Beer
You have been walking around the city all day, you have seen some amazing sites, perhaps it's time to just take a load off and chill with a nice beer. While in Prague, this is an experience in itself as well. For the best and most authentic, not to mention less crowded bars, it's time to head out of the Old Square. Take a walk down the small streets to find a nice small place to grab a fresh brew. Most of the bars around will serve some food and you can count on most Czech dishes going great with your Urquell, Staropramen, Lev, or Budvar. Just order a tasty pork dinner or some dumplings.

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