When traveling in India, samosas are a must have. They are the go-to street food item located on every corner. So it was no surprise that we ate them on nearly a daily basis. But little did we expect to discover the eco-friendly bowl made of dry leaves upon which our scrumptious little samosa would be served.

What an ingenious idea. Disposable dinnerware made of leaves. Talk about guilt free consumption! We try to minimize our paper plate use, but the concept of no dishes is more than we can overcome at times. But leaves? We have no problem eating my snack on those and tossing them aside to do their natural decomposition task.

This concept had us wondering if we could make them ourselves, but we mostly just found websites where we could purchase them online – some straight from India. That seems ironically not eco-friendly, but making our own leaf products sounds like a fun project if nothing else.

We're curious if other people have attempted making leaf products like these or have found a place to purchase them in your own area. If you have, let us know in the comment section below. Perhaps you can give us some tips!

2 Comments on “India’s Disposable Leaf Products”

  1. Pm says:

    AM- couldn’t resist the question…what us the R-value of the leaf cups? :-)

    1. Hahaha. Not sure they would hold liquid too well. Good for samosas, bad for coffee or tea :-)

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