Udaipur City Palace

The point of Auston and me splitting up for a week while in India was to get some much needed alone time. Traveling with a significant other is a blessing, but spending every waking second together quickly becomes a curse. However being the dependent/social/attention-seeking person I can be, I quickly made a new friend from Norway to annoy, Jon.

We spent an afternoon roaming the City Palace in Udaipur. It's described as “truly a feast to the eyes”. Perhaps my eyes were full that day because for a palace, I was a little underwhelmed. It's probably because many of the areas within were closed off to us. The view of the palace itself from afar is quite beautiful though and I'll share those pictures in another post. It is located on top of a hill which offered great views of the colorful city below. That alone makes it well worth the visit. Being situatated among lakes and hills, beautiful views abound in Udaipur and the City Palace is certainly another great location from which to admire them.


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