My first destination for my Indian tour after New Delhi was the Raj Mandir Cinema Hall where you can catch the latest Bollywood movie. It's apparently one of the best theaters to go to in India for a Bollywood experience. After months of traveling from place to place, Auston decided he needed a break to catch up on life. While I sympathized with his plight, I was determined to get out of New Delhi. So he stayed there for a week while I traveled down to Jaipur and Udaipur solo.

Raj Mandir Cinema HallAs recommended online, I arrived early to jump in line with the locals to purchase my tickets. Fortunately, the guy in front of me saw that I stood out and happily helped me as I purchased my ticket for the newest musical flick Student of the Year. He even invited me to sit with him and his brother (but they're assigned seats so that was going to happen regardless).

Inside the lobby of Raj Mandir Cinema

I didn't realize these movies are long enough to have an intermission, but I enjoyed the near 3 hour entertainment of song and dance with a cheesy plot. The story line was simple enough that not knowing a word of Hindi wasn't a bother. Or perhaps I completely missed everything that happened. No matter, a Bollywood film is all about the over the top musical performances anyway, right?

Inside the theater during the previews

Here's a little clip from Student of the Year.

So if you're traveling around India and can make it to Jaipur, be sure to make a quick stop at the Raj Mandir Cinema Hall to get your fill of India's Bollywood scene!

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