I always find it ironic to see two presumably straight men casually holding hands as they stroll down the street together in a country where being gay is illegal. Yet it's just a part of the culture and a gesture of friendship in Ethiopia and many other countries. I just can't picture two straight guy friends in the U.S. putting aside their macho bravado and holding hands while walking. I admit though, I don't even like holding hands. I just feel all the palm sweat and keep thinking “when will it be polite for me to let go of this person's hand?”


2 Comments on “Holding Hands in Ethiopia”

  1. Dee says:

    I just came back from Ethiopia on the 13th and I too was surprised at the men and the boys that held hands. You can not walk down a street without seeing two men holding hands. Go figure, I had to do the same and take a photo of two men holding hands. LOL.

    1. davidsbrown says:

      I know! It’s funny to see from a foreigner perspective. They do the same thing in India too.

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