Crater Lake Trip to Debre Zeyit Ethiopia

It's not often that Auston and I will make excursions out of the main city when we're traveling. This is usually due to time and financial constraints – plus we enjoy big cities! But this time we had had enough. We needed to get away and find some space outside of the crowds. We were particularly in a hiking mood.

A bit of research plus 4 microbuses and a taxi later lead us to the Lake Babogaya Viewpoint Lodge in Debre Zeyit which, as its name suggests, has great views of the lake. It's ran by a really nice Belgian man and an Ethiopian woman and was built on the edge of a crater lake of which there are about 5 or 6 in the area. These are former volcano craters that are currently beautiful lakes. We opted for a tree house style accommodation to get the best view. Although there wasn't really hiking in the area, we were able to kayak for free in the lake.

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  1. seriously! you two are having the adventure of a lifetime! that looks amazing! Love you guys!

    1. davidsbrown says:

      It was so nice! I didn’t want to leave.

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