Once we left Ghana, we were supposed to head straight to India with a quick stopover in Addis Ababa. Plans changed though once we couldn't obtain a double entry visa for India. We were only granted a single entry visa which meant that we could not go to Nepal as planned because our next flight is out of India so we would have return to there a second time to catch that flight. Well, with our single entry visa, once we leave India we're not getting back in. Ergo, plans changed and Nepal was out.




We then decided to make our stopover in Ethiopia a week long trip to make up for it. Since we were already flying through there it meant no extra money spent on flights. Our bank account appreciated that detail and we were happy to concede to the new opportunity that arose.




The first order of business in Ethiopia: FOOD. What else? You know you're in an authentic restaurant when you can't read a word on the menu. At our first dinner, the waiter helped us out a little but we still had no clue what we ordered. What I do know: it was fantastic! Only made better by the fact that you get to eat it with your hands. More specifically, you scoop it with injera, the local bread. Plus, the food overall was just far better than the Ghanian meals to which we were accustomed. No offense Ghana – I did enjoy your spices, but not your banku (their pseudo bread).



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