Hiking Outside Accra

The kids at the children's center have been pleading with us to take them hiking since the moment they realized they could manipulate us into doing anything they wanted. Their best tactic was when they'd constantly state that the former volunteer, Scott (“he who must not be named” – as Auston and I like to refer to him), took them hiking. He was their super volunteer and we felt the need to meet that standard. The time for hiking finally came around after our weekend at Kokrobite. We were also lucky to have the company of the other two volunteers, Jaime and Muna, who were staying closer to Accra at a different volunteer site. With the impact of four volunteers, we were confident that everyone enjoyed themselves and we were sure we'd never hear the name of “you know who” again. But Scott, wherever you are, please know they spoke of you highly from the day we arrived until the day we left. So we concede and bravo to you!

5 Comments on “Hiking Outside Accra”

  1. sebrown57 says:

    Love this!

  2. Scott Heneveld says:

    I google-searched “Darmang Ghana” to see if there were any pictures of the kids and saw this one. I remember hiking up that hill, it was a lot of work. I miss those kids, I had a wonderful time with them and I’m sure you did as well.

    1. Yes, Scott, we had a fantastic time with them. How could you not?? When were you with VPWA?

  3. Scott Heneveld says:

    I was there from the end of July to the end of August of last year. How long were you guys volunteering with them?

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