I first heard about Mykonos from an Irish volunteer I met at Casa Guatemala in Rio Dulce. She said it's the island you have to go to in Greece. So after Athens, that exactly what we did. A little R&R on a sandy beach sounded perfect after the rough life of sightseeing in Europe. Auston still couldn't get in the water due to the mosquito bites so I had to spend double the time enjoying it for the both of us. The water was that picture perfect clear blue color you crave when spending time in the sand. The dry bland terrain around the island was obviously not the attraction, but the ocean more than makes up for it. The roads are underdeveloped and not made for pedestrians, but it's fairly easy to get around by public bus.

The island is a major tourist destination and that's immediately seen in the prices. Fortune was on our side though when we booked the second half of our stay in Mykonos through hostelworld. Apparently there was an error in pricing which led to us staying in a studio for less than half the price. Hopefully that helped to offset all the other overpriced expenses!

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