I was super excited to sightsee in Athens. I even made an itinerary beforehand for each day that we were there. Which we never do because we usually just wing it. But it was Athens and I wasn't going to have us waste a minute. Even with Auston's infected mosquito bites, we managed to cover a lot of ground. Though I did some sightseeing on my own while he rested with his wounds in the hotel.

I have to say, Athens is a much dirtier city than I expected. And it's reflected in the people as well as the streets. Although we did stay in a crappy part of town near the prostitutes and crack addicts. A cheap hotel is that worth it to us. At least the city keeps its museums, monuments and ruins in great condition. In fact, a lot of them, including the Parthenon, were being restored while we were there. Not optimal timing for photos, but that didn't stop me from snapping away!

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