Free Hugs in London

One of the things I love most about couchsurfing, is that it's not just about a free place to stay. It's about getting to know people from all over the world. To us, that's better than seeing the Eiffel Tower, taking a picture of Big Ben, or strolling through a national museum.

So occasionally I will see what sort of CS events are going on in a city we're traveling to. Because even if you don't stay with someone through CS, you can go to one of their many meet ups to hang out and partake in some sort of activity.

While in London, we decided to join some CSers who were giving out ‘free hugs' at Trafalgar Square the weekend the Olympics started. At first we thought it sounded like a weird activity for a bunch of weirdos who do weird things. Then I realized that's us! And off we went…

(Auston and I were a little behind on the jump)



It was fun getting to know everyone while trying to lure people in for a hug without seeming creepy. Of course it also had to end with some drinks at a nearby pub. Try as we may, we just can't avoid an offer for beer.

We also decided to join everyone the following day for a picnic at Hyde Park and a little card game of Mafia. It was this game that made me realize my shortcomings in deductive reasoning.

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