Whenever we couchsurf we try to bring a small thank you gift to our host(s). If they're really lucky though, we'll cook! And by “we” I mean Auston, but I make a great sous chef.

Our hosts in Prague allowed us to take over their kitchen for a night to do just that. We were excited to have a night in to make tapas and sangria since we often do not have the chance to cook. Depending on the hostel we stay in, there may or may not be a kitchen to prepare a real meal. It was also an excellent opportunity for Auston to attempt a Spanish tortilla which he's been wanting to do ever since we over-consumed them Madrid.


Bacon wrapped dried apricots stuffed with brie and almonds (supposed to be bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese but we had to improvise ingredients)

Goat cheese marinara

Spanish tortilla

With our generous hosts Bedrich and Zdenek

*There were some other dishes I forgot to take a picture of, but when food's in my face the camera's in it's case.

9 Comments on “Cooking For Our Couchsurfing Hosts in Prague”

  1. Brenda Vanlandingham says:

    Beautiful, well equipped kitchen. I am sure it was a joy!
    I do enjoy following you. I am Nancy’s step sister and excited to be included in your adventures. Drift on!

    1. davidsbrown says:

      Thanks for reading! Hope it’s entertaining! :)

  2. sebrown57 says:

    I see a spanish tortilla in our future! Looks delicious!

    1. davidsbrown says:

      Definitely! Perhaps we can include it on the menu for our Mexican food at Christmas? It’s not Mexican, but Spanish is Spanish, right?

  3. Yum! How about some spanish tortillas at Christmas when you are home! Oh my God, did I say Christmas, yikes! Other than you being home, I don’t even want to think of Christmas except to try your spanish tortillas too!

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