We split up from Auston's family in France to go celebrate Gay Pride in Madrid, as the rest of his family continued on to Paris and London. We arrived in Madrid just in time for Orgullo Madrid, their gay pride festival. We were warned that madrileños have a later schedule than most. But this place takes the cake. Nightlife doesn't just go until the wee hours of dawn. It straight up passes into the morning. I assume the weekend we were there had to be on overload considering that there was not only Orgullo Madrid, but also the 2012 European Football Championship game of Spain versus Italy.

It was an absolute whirlwind of a weekend and we were happy to do some relaxed sightseeing the days after. We opted out of the traditional hop on/hop off tour bus because it was fairly pricey and instead decided to download a more wallet-friendly Madrid walking tour app. We walked around various points in the city that the app suggested and it had an audio recording about its history. It was so… boring actually. We stopped fairly early and wished we were on a tour bus. :-( But it was worth a shot I guess!

Madrid is an amazing city and I am seriously considering moving my entire family here and settling down. Or possibly ditching them and going solo. I'm still working out the details.

Photos here. Not a lot really because we got caught up in day to day life in Madrid and I don't regret it!

Waiting for the parade to start

The festival and parade in Madrid in the largest Gay Pride in Spain and is well worth a visit!

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  1. chriac315 says:

    Love the pictures. I was just listening to NPR on the way to work 20 minutes ago saying what troubles they’re having in Spain and that 1/4 of the people in Madrid are out of work. You may re-consider moving their and stealing one of THEIR jobs. Unless you’re going to open a huge company and employ them!!!! Stay safe, God Bless and Keep you Both. Auntie Patty

    1. davidsbrown says:

      Huge company. Got it. It can be done!

  2. Megan Brown says:

    If you’re moving- I’m moving.

  3. Well, you’re not ditching us so start working out the details!

    1. davidsbrown says:

      So I guess you’re coming with me!

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