We've finally reached our destination after 9 days of driving with a few stops on the way!

We spent the last night of our trip in El Paso visiting my aunt and cousin. We also finally had the chance to meet my cousin's daughter, Rowan. She showed us her excellent drawing skills and I showed her my lack of such abilities.

Then we continued our drive to finally arrive in Phoenix yesterday evening to be greeted by these little tyrants angels.

So thank you to everyone who hosted, fed and entertained us! We loved spending time with all the family and friends.


6 Comments on “Thank You Video: We finally made it to Arizona!”

  1. Auntie Patty says:

    Best Thank You EVER!!! Loved the video, especially the singing at the end. Very random fun. Your blog is just plain making me HAPPY ! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    1. davidsbrown says:

      Thanks Aunt Patty! Glad you enjoy it. I think I should avoid a singing career though…

  2. Aunt Margie says:

    Me too! I check your blog everyday …. but then again …. I’m a lurker!
    (Not sure how this works? Am I supposed to put my name here or will it magically appear? ) Well, uh, anyway, Aunt Margie loves you guys.

    1. davidsbrown says:

      Thanks Aunt Margie! And it looks like you did it correctly. See, you’re more tech savvy than you think. That must mean it’s time for a Facebook page!

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